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Sklad N

Náhradní Žárovka pro Světelnou Past 10 W (FT010BL)
Spare Bulb for Mosquito Stop Light Trap. TL 10W G13 26X330 mm Blacklight
Náhradní Žárovka pro Světelnou Past 4 W (08317)
Spare UV bulbs for light traps.
Náhradní Žárovka pro Světelnou Past 6 W (FT006BL)
Spare Bulb for Mosquito Stop Light Trap. TL 6W G5 16X212 mm Blacklight
Náhradní Žárovka pro Světelnou Past 8 W (08319)
Spare UV bulbs for light traps.
Náhradní Žárovka pro Světelnou Past 9 W (08318)
Spare UV bulbs for light traps.
Past na Šváby (03211)
Effective against crawling insects in the home, cellar, etc., Special poison-free glue – can be used anywhere without a second thought. Increases in the cockroach population can be effectively reduced or even prevented.
Past na Hraboše (05313)
A top-quality trap made from galvanized sheet steel. A setting plate makes it very east to set the trap. The burrow entrance is simply covered with a bucket. Entry from two sides makes the trap extremely effective.
Past na Krysy (05321)
A classic rat trap made from beech wood. Traps efficiently by means of a wooden trigger, bait holder and strong spring. Tried and tested for many years.
Past na Kuny 60 x 18 x 18 c m Venkovní (05378)
To catch martens and small rodents alive. For car ports, parking areas or the garden. Humane pine marten and rat trap. Zinc coated for durability. Animals can be released after capture.
Past na Vosy (03115)
Wasp trap for household use made from transparent plastic. Catches wasps and flies.• Double pack
Přírodní Lepidlo na Mucholapku (WH-03210)
Pásková mucholapka není toxická a použité lepidlo je vyrobeno z přírodních látek. Pásková mucholapka přitahuje mouchy, které na ní uvíznou.
Plácačka na Mouchy (03250)
Highly flexible flyswatter made from impact-resistant polypropylene. Tried-and-tested one-piece construction for a higher impact.
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